Thursday, 3 October 2013

Articles about Kieron

The media has really started to get behind Kieron's story in the last day or two. Kieron's parent, Andy and Ann, appeared on both BBC television and radio today (Thursday 3rd October).

Watch their appearance on BBC Breakfast TV here:

Listen to them on BBC Radio 5 Live here:

The Times (Kieron's former employer) ran the story on the front page, and also carried a article on page 6 including a picture of Kieron and some comment about him from former colleagues. The article is behind a paywall here: . This article contained a few interesting nuggets of information:

Regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement that the people aboard the Arctic Sunrise were "clearly not pirates" (, the article says

"Mr Putin's spokesman said yesterday that the President had only been offering a personal opinion. Mr Putin's comment on cases are not necessarily any indication of the outcome. Before the women from the Pussy Riot punk group were sentenced for aggravated hooliganism, he said: "I don't think they should be judged so harshly." They were sentenced to two years in a prison colony."

The front page article says: "Fewer than 1 per cent of criminal cases that reach court in Russia result in acquittal." 

There is a testimonial to Kieron's dedication and professionalism from Adam Harding, Sky News viewers' editor.

The Guardian ran an opinion piece (, in which John Sauven highlights the ridiculous nature of the accusations:

"Trying to argue that the crew of a Greenpeace ship are not pirates feels more than a little surreal, like defending Mother Teresa against drunk and disorderly charges."

This article on Sky News details Williams Hague, Foreign Secretary's efforts (

"The Foreign Secretary said afterwards that he raised the case with the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov last week, and that Britain's ambassador in Moscow had also done so with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov on Wednesday."