Monday, 7 October 2013

BBC Radio 2, ITV news, a neutral view

More coverage of the case across various media sources.

The BBC's Daniel Sandford has been to the Prirazlomnaya oil rig. On Sunday night's BBC News at Ten, he filed this report:

On the BBC News website, this more detailed report about the operation of the oil platform also contains additional video:

This morning on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show the situation was discussed, firstly with Daniel Sandford, and then with Russell, Kieron's brother.

The coverage begins at 30:37 into the show:

It is a little frustrating that the BBC do not always make the distinction that Kieron, and Denis Sinyakov, are journalists and not activists. Daniel Sandford is on Twitter at @BBCDanielS.

On BBC Radio Sheffield, Kieron's friend and fellow journalist Luke Farrington, and his former journalism tutor, Marie Kinsey, from the University of Sheffield, talked about the situation: (beginning at 38 minutes)

Marie Kinsey very succinctly explains how the imprisonment of journalists is unjust.

On Monday evening's ITV News, this report features Andy and Ann Bryan, as well as containing previously unseen footage of Kieron about to enter court:

Steve Morgan is a photographer who has previous experience of a similar situation involving Greenpeace and Russia. Read his fascinating blog entry here:

The Free Kieron events keep coming. Fran Lovett has organised a coffee morning at the United Reform Church Hall, Killerton Rd, Bude, Cornwall, this Saturday, 12th October, from 10:30 am until 12:30 pm. Bude Coffee Morning on Facebook

A friend of mine who has never met Kieron, but has had to listen to me going on about the case all day at work, was moved to write an opinion piece of his own about the situation:

John Oakley: Regardless of your views on Greenpeace; journalism is not a criminal activity.

It doesn't matter if you know Kieron or not, it is clear that his imprisonment is unjust.

Kieron Bryan is innocent. Free Kieron.