Friday, 11 October 2013

Kieron denied bail, journalist petition, Russell on seemingly every TV and radio station

Today Kieron was denied bail by the Murmansk court. This was not a surpise; all of the four previous detainees who had had their cases heard had the same judgement handed down to them, including Denis Sinyakov, the freelance photographer.

Video of Kieron's appearance has been released by Greenpeace:

Personally I found this to be an annoyingly unreliable video stream. News sources also covered the bail appearance. ITV News have a number of videos, including Russell on Daybreak this morning, Andy and Ann commenting on the result of the bail hearing, and footage from the courtroom with Russell talking about the result. John Sauven from Greenpeace UK states that Kieron is a journalist and not part of Greenpeace and should be released without charge.

More coverage of the bail hearing is here at the BBC: and here at Sky News:

Kieron is quoted as saying "If everyone was arrested for writing an article, journalists would not exist."

ITN coverage here:

The Mirror newspaper (another of Kieron's former employers) today released this article

This morning Russell was on Radio 4. Listen here: from 2 hrs 30 minutes onwards. He was also on Radio 5 Live today, and yesterday. He appeared on ITV News and has been or will be on all of ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky News this evening. As and when these become available online I will link to them.

A petition has been started for journalists to sign to express their support for Kieron. If you are a journalist, please sign the petition here: So far it has 982 signatures, including some big names in the UK journalism.

Some slightly odd but encouraging thoughts from Mikhail Fedotov, Vladimir Putin's human rights advisor:

“These charges are laughable because there isn’t the slightest justification for accusing the crew of the Arctic Sunrise of piracy. They might just as well have charged them with gang rape of the platform.”

“I’ve long called for such individuals [the Russian investigators] who cause harm to the country’s reputation to be forced to pay compensation.”

Keep watching your TV or listening to your radio, you'll probably see or hear Russell. Let's all support him, Andy and Ann in their attempts to Free Kieron.