Sunday, 6 October 2013

Protest video, news coverage and posters

During the protest on Saturday, Sarah Búqéttes filmed some of Kieron's friend and family and edited it together to create this fantastic video:

Simple, yet incredibly powerful. I have added it to the links list.

Also added to the  lists is a link to the Greenpeace petition. I would encourage you to sign this but be aware that the default wording does include some references to Arctic drilling. You are free to modify this, in any way you desire, before signing. I only mention this in order to be clear that the Free Kieron campaign does not take any particular stance on the environmental issues. Kieron is a journalist, not a Greenpeace activist.

Nancy Thorburn, Kieron's girlfriend, was interviewed in the Sunday Times today. ( As with all Times articles this is not free to read online, but if you look hard enough in the Facebook group you might find a photograph of sufficiently high resolution to read the copy.

Ann, Andy and Russell all appear in this CNN video report on the case:

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty published an interesting article which delves into some of the detail of intentional maritime law at . As discussed yesterday on this website, the article mentions how the exact position of the Arctic Sunrise could become a key detail in the case, especially in the context of the ongoing Dutch legal action.

Greenpeace have created a profile page for Kieron, which contains the videos he made on the Arctic Sunrise before his detention.

Jess has created some Free Kieron images, a low resolution version for digital use, such as an email signature, and a higher resolution print version.

Digital use / Low res (32 Kb)

Print use / High res (1.42 Mb)

Please use these to spread the word however you can. Here's an example of a Free Kieron supporter's car:

It's been a good weekend for media coverage and campaigning. Every piece of coverage adds pressure to the Russian authorities to reconsider their position. Let's keep the momentum going through the week. We can all help to Free Kieron.