Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Times, Kieron moved to another prison, Harriet Harman lends her support

The journalists at The Times continue to support their former colleague with coverage of the situation. In today's edition (Tue 8th) there was an article with some of the details from the letter Kieron sent to his family, as well as a comment piece. Scans of the articles are below, along with the piece from The Sunday Times from a few days ago.

News has come from Murmansk that Kieron has been moved to another prison on the night on Monday 7th October. This may be related to the appeals hearings that have now begun. Three of the thirty have now had their appeals for bail heard and denied, including the other journalist Denis Sinyakov. This does not bode well for Kieron. So far the pattern has been that all thirty are treated in exactly the same way by the court. Greenpeace have stated that if these appeals fail they will bring the issue to the European Court of Human Rights.


Kieron's MP Harriet Harman met with the Bryan family today. The BBC reported it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-24448667

Harriet tweeted about the meeting:

"just met parents & brother of my constit Kieron Bryan. he must be freed from detention in Russia & come home @FreeKieron #FreeKieron"


She then followed up with this:

"@Cornishwelsh @FreeKieron wrong of Russians to keep him in detention. I spoke to William Hague about Kieron tonight. He's on it"


This is encouraging news. William Hague, Foreign Secretary, has so far not commented publically on the issue. If you wish to contact Mr Hague to encourage him to help, his email address is william.hague.mp@parliament.uk . Here is a sample letter which you may wish to use:


I'll end today's update with a moving piece from a friend of Kieron's, Pete Lovett. Pete posted this to Facebook yesterday morning.

"I woke up this morning with a horrible feeling about what it could possibly be like to find yourself in a prison on the northern tip of Russia, separated from people you know, not being able to communicate in your own language and feeling very afraid - of your circumstances and of what the future holds.

Kieron Bryan will be awake already today, Russia are three hours ahead of UK time. I wonder if he slept last night; if he was cold; if he has been given enough food; if he has anyone to talk to; if he is safe.

I can only hope that those boxes are ticked, though it is quite possible, quite imaginable that they aren't. I do know that Kieron will find it in himself to be brave, to keep his chin up and to be hopeful about his future, whatever that might be right now.

And for all of the Arctic 30 who have been charged with a crime they COULD NOT commit it is some comfort to know that there are many, many people who see what is happening as a tragic injustice.

If you haven't yet, then give this news some of your time today, and perhaps think for a moment what it might be like to be in that prison far away from home, however difficult it might be.

PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR Kieron Bryan. Share the group, its so easy to do, follow the twitter account @FreeKieron"