Donate to the fund

You can donate to the Free Kieron Fund through PayPal.

The Free Kieron campaign would like to thank everyone for their fundraising support. We do just want to make it clear that Greenpeace are covering costs of Kieron's lawyer and travel expenses for Ann and Andy to fly to Russia including two weeks accommodation. Any money raised for Free Kieron will be used for anything that will help the Free Kieron campaign and also to support Kieron and the Bryans and Nancy (should they want to use the fund). This might include:

(1) paying for t-shirts, posters and other general expenses of the campaign;

(2) any additional legal costs or travel expenses Greenpeace are not able to cover;

(3) replacing Kieron's confiscated laptop / cameras and equipment;

(4) donating any leftover money to a charity of Kieron's choice.

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