How to write to Kieron

Writing to Kieron Bryan

Please do not write anything that is critical of the authorities or that addresses the legal aspects of the case, as your letter may not get through. Don’t write about communication tools that are forbidden in jail (mobile phones for example). Please do not write anything about the protest at Prirazlomnaya (the oil rig) and nothing like "protests will be held all over the world until you are released". Also, don't mention the words 'Russia' or 'Russian'.

Letters to prisoners in Russia generally only get through if they are in Russian. Obviously Kieron doesn't speak Russian (yet), so please include a Google Translate print out of your letter.


We don’t yet have a direct address to send letters to, so in the meantime you can send it to Greenpeace International who will pass all letters on at such time we are able to. Put your letter or card in an envelope, and send it to the following address:

Kieron Bryan
c/o Greenpeace International
Ottho Heldringstraat 5,
1066 AZ Amsterdam,

Sending Parcels to Kieron

At the moment this is a logistical nightmare there is a list of stuff we can send to the prison but half the list won't be accepted by customs! Customs won't accept any food, sweets chocolate etc. Or anything personal, including photos or letters. Anything that looks personal will be compounded, I'm afraid writing on the inside of book covers won't be allowed. There is also a weight limit on what Kieron can receive into the prison each month, this includes the care packages from Greenpeace so we don't want to use up his weight allowance too quickly. Everything sent into Russia also has to be individually weighed and costed and a pro forma invoice filled out with DHL.

 For all these reasons we are unfortunately saying no parcels to Kieron. 

Greeenpeace are making up care packages including food and clothes and games and stationery that they can buy in Russia therefore avoiding customs. If you do have a suggestion for something in particular for Kieron please let us know and we can ask Greenpeace to try and buy it in Russia and include it in his next care package.